Saturday, May 30, 2015

3D Printer Project, Part 2: An Unexpected Arrival

Today I received the package from Folger containing my kit. There was a little confusion over this: they initially posted two USPS tracking number on my account page at their website, one for the filament and one for the printer kit. One of these number was never used. On Thursday, a package of filament arrived, but using the tracking number that was supposed to be for the kit. So now I couldn't tell if the kit had been sent on a number tracking number, not sent yet, or erroneously believed to be sent by them. Emails back and forward didn't make things much clearer. Fortunately, the kit arrived today. So that's 9 days from my order, including a 3-day holiday weekend.

All the parts seem to be there. One point of confusion is that the inventory on the web site lists four 2.6 kg/cm motors and one 4.8 kg/cm one. The kit contained only three of the 2.6 kg/com motors and one 4.8 kg/cm one. I think this is because the fourth motors is already assembled into the extruder, which is listed as a separate item on the inventory. So a little needless confusion there.

A few of the parts were a little hard to identify. For example, 623ZZ and F623ZZ bearings. A combination of looking them up on a major search engine and a process of elimination worked.

Here's a few pictures of the kit. The last picture shows all of the printed parts.

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